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Que pasa, raza? I'm new here. Just thought I'd drop by and say hola. Hopefully, I'll catch up with my old ECW homies.

Later mi gente.
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Consider yerself caught up, pal. *laughs*
Jimmy boy! How's it going, holmes?
To tell the truth, I've had much better days, man. But it's good to see yer still around and kicking.
Hello, Eddie.
Hola bonita. ¿Como estas?
Muy bien, gracias. Pero, ninguna necesidad de la adulación, Eduardo. Soy seguro que algunos otros son más valor de él que mí. *laughs* Sí, hablo -- y leo, español. No eso bien, sino ahora yo puede practicar.

(I'm well, thank you. But, no need for flattery, Edward. I'm sure some others are more worthy of it than I. *laughs* Yes, I DO speak--and read, Spanish. Not that well, but now I can practice. - for the rest of us Anglos. *winks*)
Welcome, Eddie. Good to see you.

[You need to change the URL for the web page in your info...it's darkmirror.8m.net, not .com. ;)]
Thanks, man. Let me know if you need some help kicking your old man's ass, okay? *laughs* I probably shouldn't say that since I work for him.

[All changed. Sorry about that.]
Thanks, man. You're a gentleman and a scholar.

[no prob!]